翻译押题预测一 · 名胜古迹


兵马俑(the Terracotta Warriors and Horses)是秦始皇陵墓(mausoleum)的一部分,也是20 世纪世界考古(archaeological)史上最伟大的发现之一。兵马俑是秦始皇为了死后能继续统治王国而建造的,在1974 年被西安当地的农民发现。真人一样大小的兵俑按战斗队形排列,依据不同的等级,他们的身高、制服和发型都不相同。他们生动、逼真的形象,显示了工匠们极高的雕刻水平。兵马俑是世界上最大的地下军事博物馆,于1987 年被列入世界文明遗产,并被誉为“世界第八大奇迹”。

【参考译文】The Terracotta Warriors and Horses, a part of Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum, is one of the significantfindings in the world archaeological history of the twentieth century. It was constructed for Qin Shi Huangto rule the empire in his afterlife and discovered in 1974 by local farmers in Xi'an. Varying in height,uniform and hairstyle in accordance with rank, the life-sized terracotta warriors are arranged in battleformation. The vivid and life-like images reflect the high engraving level of craftsmen. The TerracottaWarriors and Horses, the largest underground military museum, was listed as the World Cultural Heritagesand honored as "The Eighth Wonder of the World" in 1987.


故宫,又名紫禁城,为明清共二十四位皇帝统治中国近500 年的皇宫。它位于北京市中心,在天安门广场的北侧,形状为长方形。南北长960 米,东西宽750 米,占地72 公顷,总建筑面积达15万平方米。故宫是世界上现存规模最大、最完整的古代木构宫殿。它分为外朝和内廷两部分,外朝是皇帝上朝处理国家大事的地方,内廷是皇帝和皇室的居住地。1987 年,故宫被联合国教科文组织列入世界文明遗产。

【参考翻译】The Imperial Palace, also called the Forbidden City was the palace where the 24 emperors of the Mingand Qing Dynasties ruled China for roughly 500 years. The Imperial Palace is located in the center ofBeijing, on the northern side of Tian’anmen Square, rectangular in shape, 960 meters from north to southand 750 meters wide from east to west, with an area of 72 hectares and a total floor space of 150 000 squaremeters. It’s the world’s largest and most integral palace made of wood in existence. The Forbidden City isdivided into two parts: the outer court and the inner court. The outer court was the place where the emperorsgave the audience and handled state affairs, while the inner court was the living quarters for the emperorsand their families. In 1987 the Imperial Palace was listed by the UNESCO as one of the World CulturalHeritage sites.


敦煌是以莫髙窟(Mogao Caves)而著名的旅游胜地。在古代,敦煌是中国与其西方邻居之间的贸易中心。随着丝绸之路沿线贸易的蓬勃开展,敦煌急速开展为中国历史上国际贸易最开放的地区。敦煌有1000 多个石窟是在悬崖上雕刻出来的。石窟反映了丝绸之路的文明和历史上中国人民的宗教生活、艺术和习俗的主要方面,其中包括这个时期传入中国的佛教(Buddhism)。敦煌石窟一直被视为中国的国宝。

【参考翻译】Dunhuang is a renowned tourist resort famous for the Mogao Caves.In ancient times, Dunhuang wasthecenter of trade between China and its western neighbors. With the flourishing of trade along the Silk Road,Dunhuang quickly developed to become the most open area in international trade in Chinese history. Over1,000 caves were cut out of cliffs in Dunhuang. The caves reflect Silk Road civilization and importantaspects of Chinese people's religious life, art, and customs in history, including the introduction ofBuddhism to China during this period. Dunhuang grottoes have always been regarded as the nationaltreasure of China.

翻译押题预测二 · 热点话题



【参考译文】Group buying is a new shopping mode which,as its name implies, means a large group of peoplebuying the same product. It aims at enhancing buyers' negotiation power with sellers to get a favorable price.With the prosperity and development of Chinese e-commerce, online group buying is popular amongChinese Internet users and has become the main form of group buying. It is convenient, fast, low in priceand unrestrained by regions.Currently many websites in China are trying to launch group buying service andflourish quickly, such as Juhuasuan, Nuomituan. It is known that the majority of online group buyers areyoung people in large and medium-sized cities in China.


过去几年里,移动支付市场在中国蓬勃开展,随着移动互联网的出现,手机购物逐渐成为一种趋势。18 到30 岁的年轻人构成了移动支付市场的最大群体。因为现在用手机付款极容易,许多消费者在购物时宁愿用手机付款,而不愿用现金或信用卡。为了鼓励人们多消费,许多商店给使用移动支付的顾客打折。专家预测,中国移动支付市场未来仍有很大开展潜力。

【参考译文】In the past few years, the mobile payment market has flourished in China. With the advent of the mobileInternet, mobile shopping has gradually become a trend. Young people aged between 18 and 30 constitutethe largest group in the mobile payment market. (Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 make up thelargest segment of the mobile payment market.) Since it is extremely easy to pay by mobile phone now,many consumers prefer to pay by mobile phone when shopping, rather than in cash or by credit cards.(Because it is so easy to pay by mobile now, many consumers would rather pay by mobile phone than incash or by credit card when shopping.) To encourage people to spend more, many stores offer discounts tocustomers who use mobile payments. Experts predict that China's mobile payment market still has greatpotential for development in the future.


许多刚毕业的大学生找不到工作,在校学生则担心他们的未来。多个调查显示,三分之二的中国毕业生想在政府或者国有企业工作, 而不是为中国令人瞩目标经济增长提供动力的民营企业。政府和国有企业被认为能免受经济萧条的影响。如今几乎没有大学生愿意放弃政府的铁饭碗而下海、加入初创企业或自我创业。

【参考译文】Many recent college graduates can’t find a job and students are fearful about their future. Two-thirds ofChinese graduates say they want to work either in the government or state-owned firms,which are seen asrecession-proof, rather than at the private companies that have powered China’s remarkable economic climb, surveys indicate. Few college students today, according to the surveys, are ready to leave the safe shores ofgovernment work and jump into the sea to join start-ups or go into business.


根据全国老龄工作委员会(the China National Committee On Aging)的数据来看,到2053 年,中国60 岁及以上的老人数量预计会从目前的1.85 亿一跃变为4.87 亿,或者说是占总人口的35%。扩张的比例是因为寿命的增加和计划生育政策(family planning policies) 限制大部分城市家庭只生一个孩子。快速老龄化对社会和经济稳定造成了严重威胁。

【参考译文】The number of people aged 60 and above in China is expected to jump from the current 185 million to487 million, or 35 percent of the population, by 2053 , according to figures from the China NationalCommittee On Aging. The expanding ratio is due both an increase in life expectancy and by family planningpolicies that limit most urban families to a single child. Rapid aging poses serious threats to the country’ssocial and economic stability.


各种慢性疾病(chronic disease)已经成为影响中国人健康的主要隐患。随着钱包越来越鼓,中国人的生活方式也发生了巨大的变化,其中包括饮食上的变化和向城市迁移(migration),这也使得中国人的健康面临极大的风险。中国卫生部(Ministry of Health)的数据显示,目前超过2.6 亿的中国人患有慢性疾病,高血压(hypertension)和肥胖症已经成为导致中国人死亡的主要原因。

【参考译文】Various chronic diseases have become the major health challenge for the Chinese. With fatter wallets,the lifestyles of Chinese people have changed dramatically, including changes in diet and the migration tocities, which has put Chinese people's health in peril. Now more than 260 million citizens in China sufferfrom chronic diseases, and hypertension and obesity have become the major causes of death, according todata from China's Ministry of Health.